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Simple Poses Can Look Sexy!

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Exotic dancing lessons for the not so physically healthy person!
Any person can dance sexy no matter what body type, male or female
Everyone is welcome!

If you are near the Philly area, West Chester Pa. I will help you learn to exotic dance, pole work, and floor work, Dance to sexy music all at your own pace.  






Laying Down Pose
Back Arch Poses
This simple back arch can be a very sexy pose to exotic dance in front of your partner. Since my  back is so bad I have to arch my back and put the weight on my arms as you can see in the picture. I cannot do alot of the moves that Exotic Dancers do because I have had two back surgeries. I have to substitute. This poses stretches my back with no weight on it. My leg is bent as you can see which also helps to keep the back pain to a  minimum. You can do alot of exotic dance moves by laying on the floor if your back is as bad as mine, although alot of exotic dancers with good backs lay on the floor as well. This dance is a mixture of ballet and exotic dancing. Make up your own.

If you are near the Philly area, I can help you learn exotic dance lessons, pole work, floor work. Dance to sexy music all at your own pace. Do it for exercise, do it for you, do it for your partner, do it for your self esteem, or do it to get into a club.

Many simple poses are included in my web site. You can easily start your adventure by the examples. Each pose is sexy. Just put all the poses together in a very sensual way and you will be an exotic dancer or just a plain sexy dancer no matter what kind of dancing you prefer.

Very important to people with bad backs who want to try this is stretching and exercise. Consult your doctor before doing any of this.

kneeling pose
Kneeling Pose

Notice that I am in a simple kneeling pose! Platform shoes which only one heel is touching so as not to put pressure on my back. This is a very easy pose and it will look very sexy with the right clothes. My right hand is holding small of back for support. My left hand is holding my abs in.

This pose is very simple and no strain on the back. Here I am leaning on my hip while using my left arm and hand for full support.

Never in a million years did I ever think that I could exotic dance or start all over again and brush up on my ballet. With terrible back problems and no confidence it is  difficult. I can never exotic dance for a living, however I can do it once in a while for my partner or just because I love to do it. I learned to do poses that would be of no strain on my back of course my back always hurts no matter how easy I try to dance.. With this web site and phone customer support,  you can easily exotic dance for you and your partner or just to feel more sexy about yourself despite your health problems.

This pose simply is resting on your back legs, holding your abs tight and dropping your head back. While it is a very sexy pose, it also stretches the back.

I will advise you what songs to pick, what clothes to wear no matter what your body type is, how to do a lap dance and so much more. I will give you advice on which home videos to buy about learning to exotic dance at the lowest cost and the best suited for your needs.


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